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Hey everybody,

breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worlwide and the most common reason why women die from cancer. That´s the reason why we have a (Mammographie-)Screeningprogramm in Germany, meaning every women from the age of 50 to 69 is getting an invitation for a free breastcancer-Checkup.

With this fundraising I´m trying to collect money, so that the Mother of a good friend of mine, she´s called Risper Atieno Ouma, in Mombasa, Kenya can get treatment for her Breastcancer. In Germany, luckily, we dont have to think about such things because our health insurance will pay for us and moreover we are able to choose which hospital to go to or which doctor to trust.

As there are no Screening-Programms in Kenya like here,  the cancer of Risper got diagnosed too late. Due to this fact, the tumor spread already in the bones and lungs that´s why the only treatment now would be a Chemotherapy, which costs around 1000 Euro. Its nearly impossible for Risper and her family to raise this money, even if she is getting paid out her pension.

If everybody is giving something we can make this Chemotherapy happen and give Risper some time and a free mind. Every little thing helps!

Thank you so much !!


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