One Direction Song Rights And New Management

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As you may have noticed, there are rumours that there could/will be a One Direction reunion this year.
We all know that the boys secretly want one too. Now it's up to us to show them that we've grown older.
Since the band has been around they have had almost no privacy, everywhere you see them there is press and someone is always getting shipped off with someone else.
Likewise, in band time, little to no regard was paid for their welfare, health and freedom. We now live in 2022 and everything has changed. At least it should.
Maybe you heard Louis say back then that he was thinking of setting up his own management?! 
We want to help him. 
We want a management for the boys that takes them seriously, values them, protects them, doesn't exploit them, takes care of their physical and mental health and gives them the freedom they need.
Can you remember the time when the Directioners wanted to buy out the former management to help the boys? Exactly the same, only 100 times stronger, we now want to help them build a good management for them.


We all know that every member of the band has a lot of money, but we are a community, so we want to support them and relieve them as much as we can.
The important thing here is: everyone gives as much as they can and as much as they want. Nobody will be forced. Minors please ask their legal guardians first if and how much money may be donated to the campaign if needed.

In case the plan doesn't work, everyone will get their donated money back as long as they have sent us a screenshot with the donated amount beforehand or we will donate the money raised to a charity of our choice.

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