Make Zuzi smile help her with the Birthday gift!

Make Zuzi smile help her with the Birthday gift! | Spenden sammeln
Want to pitch in for her 30th birthday?

Zuzanna is getting old! 😳

The moment has also come for me and I will enter the magical age of 30 very very soon...
I would like to get myself  a gift - a laptop or tablet of a good quality. I will be most grateful and you will make me very happy if you'd like to financially support me in this matter !
My old laptop is slowly dying, it gets stuck or turns off all of a sudden... and the reserves of my patience will soon be used up.... ;)

I think that in the light of the current trends (especially now!) towards online classes, courses or studies, remote work and the constant need of "zooming" or "skyping" with our loved ones, this gift will be very much of use. As you know, I give language courses and classes and a good equipment is fundamental to a successful online lesson :)

If you also think so, please do support the action , I will highly appreciate every cent!😍

Warmest hugs to all of you and Thank you! ❤️


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