Humanitarian Assistance in Natural Disasters

Humanitarian Assistance in Natural Disasters | Spenden sammeln

The Wave of Hope association is committed to supporting the construction of the school buildings and classrooms for those children affected by the flood disaster in the village of Polan, 75 kilometres from Chabahar in Dashtiari.

A major objective of the project is the construction of school classrooms for about 45 working children who do not have a school and where it would be hardly feasible to use and transport the school pedestals in this area. (

It should be mention that the property for the construction planning is provided by the Ministry, in such a way that the Ministry of Education is responsible for the school, and the proper authority for the construction of buildings. After construction of the school, the Ministry of Education will annually provide teachers and books for the students. 

Duration of construction: Two years, much depends on weather conditions.

The following two points should be considered when constructing the buildings in the locations listed below:

·       The difficulty of transporting materials increases the transportation costs - A water point and an electricity connection are partially available.

·       A water point and an electricity connection are partially available. 

Flooding in Baluchestan

In all of the villages affected by the flooding disaster in Sistan and Baluchestan, the people's lives and incomes depend on agriculture and livestock. The floods not only destroyed houses and animals, but also a lot of agricultural machines and equipment. This means that  people have lost their entire means of making a living overnight. Their most urgent wish is to regain some kind of normality and to be able to earn their own living again.

Food and emergency equipment are currently being supplied by a number of organizations but these are only temporary emergency relief. They are not lasting measure aimed at helping people re-establish their normal way of life.

For this reason our efforts in this initiative are aimed at helping the people to rebuild their livelihoods. We will use your donations to replace lost tools and equipment for farming and keeping animals.

Help us give these people back the feeling that they can support themselves instead of being dependent on the help of others. This is the first step back towards normality.

The association ‘wave of hope’ has set itself the mission of supporting the rebuilding and repair of the buildings affected by the floods in the village of Polan, 75 kilometres from Chabahar in Dashtiari.

Water and electricity in Polan (2018):

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