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An ALLE Reiselustigen, hoffnungsvollen und liebenden Menschen bei Facebook und Instagram ❤️💨🌎

To ALL travel enthusiasts, hopeful and loving people on Facebook and Instagram ❤️💨🌎

Viele kennen mich als spontanen freak. Der sich gerne von einem Moment hinreißen lässt und dem flow folgt. Immer mit Vertrauen in das Universum. Solange meine Entscheidungen mit Herz getroffen werden, bin ich immer guter Dinge und vertraue dem Karma.    

Many know me as a spontaneous freak.
Who likes to be carried away by a moment and follows the flow.
Always with confidence in the universe. As long as my decisions are made with love, I am always in good spirits and trust karma.

kNow this movement has put me in an awkward position.
I am in Colombia. I could't use my booked return flight ticket via America because I did not get a visa in the short time and I only have a provisional passport.
I was not allowed the transit flight via Miami.

This all happened on my 35th birthday. To make matters worse, I was robbed the following night. I have been advised of this several times and have always been very careful.
Suddenly there is a street vendor who is harassing me. I think he wants to steal from me - check my bag and the phone is gone. Huge uproar afterwards I confronted the two of them, searched them ... the police came because they noticed that the situation was escalating but they could not find the cell phone.

It was the usual scam .. someone grabs it, passes it on and that person disappears immediately. Now I am in Colombia without the possibility of using anything online, I cannot log in anywhere where a TAN or a confirmation SMS is needed.

In addition, I'm bare except for my underpants. In the literal and figurative sense. I couldn't get the money back for the return flight because I booked without Flexfit to save money. My parents had already given me money for the return flight that I couldn't take.
I have no idea if anyone is even reading this. And if so, if you know me, you know that I always try to live in harmony with nature, do no wrong and always try to bring love into the world.

The only thing I could blame myself for are two situations in which I was supposedly given vegetarian food and ate a few spoons.  
In fact, everything bad began exactly then!
I got sick, I booked the flight, I couldn't get a visa, my cell phone was stolen.

Most people can guess why I explain my situation.
I thought I'd use Fb and Instagram for something good and try to raise money for my return flight.

Maybe one or the other can empathize.
Maybe one or the other has 5-10 € left that doesn't hurt and would be willing to send me via PayPal (or bank transfer).

I can only speak for myself.
I continue to trust in good energy. The karma will thank you. I will certainly thank you and return the favor in one way or another.

Thanks for your time  🙋💓👀🚶📩🌎💯💞📰

[email protected]   👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 


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