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Hello dear people.

Today I visited a dog shelter in Lviv, Ukraine. There are 300 dogs living there and every day more and more are coming. People mishandle their dogs, throw them out on the street or try to poison the dogs of their neighbors because they are too loud. The survivors end up in this shelter. But right now the living conditions in the shelter are just a little better than on the street. Four-five dogs are sitting locked in small, cold dog stalls, the puppies - in closet wooden boxes. All others - in dark metallic cages, where there is nothing but bare earth and a pot of water.

There is an abandoned building on the area in desperate need of a thorough renovation, inside which several dogs try to shelter themselves from the cold. Wherever you look, it is simply bare, dirty and destroyed.

But the shelter can’t change it because its heavily in debt, since most of the resource have to be prioritized on food and medical treatment for dogs injured by humans. 

Today we brought more than 100 kg of food and other stuff to the shelter. Sounds like a lot? This is the daily amount for 300 dogs.

April 21st is my birthday.  On this occasion I started a fundraising campaign.  Even if you donate only 1€ and share this post with your friends, you would not only make my heart blossom but also win a huge + for your karma. In case we collect $1000, we could help to fix the dogs houses, buy warm clothes and make 300 tails a bit happier. Let’s make a CHANGE together 🙏🏻

P.S. I'll post all invoices or transfer confirmations on my Insta.

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