Help for helpers who are threatened by deportation

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Help needed for important therapy helpers and friends who are threatened by deportation!

Help needed for important therapy helpers and friends who are threatened by deportation!

This fundraiser is intended to help three young refugees Abozar, Habib and Rohullah who are at risk of being deported back to Afghanistan at great risk to their lives!

Besides the wish for them to be safe, they are also vitally important helpers of a young girl. During their almost five-year stay in Austria, the three have provided substantial support to the young girl Ronja Schneeberger and her single mother with the Doman Therapy. Ronja has been multiply disabled since she was born. Doman Therapy is a movement therapy for brain-damaged children which assumes that the brain develops parallel with movement. Ronja can hardly move herself, so she needs help to move her body to stimulate her brain and keep her body healthy.

The exercises are very time consuming and exhausting: they must be performed by three people at the same time for five hours every day - six days a week!
Since the therapy is very complex, it is not covered by the health insurance. Ronja and her mother are therefore dependent on the assistance of volunteers.

Fortunately, they get help from the neighboring refugee home. Abozar, Habib and Rohullah are part of the team of helpers. They have been supporting the family with the therapy voluntarily for years to an extent that goes far beyond the usual. They help with the therapy, but also support a lot in daily activities that are challenging for a single mother like carrying Ronja, changing beds, cooking, feeding, dressing, transport to doctors, doing day trips, and many other activities.

However, despite the importance of the Doman Therapy, a loving and caring interaction with Ronja is far more important than the “muscle work”. After all these years, Abozar, Habib and Rohullah are like Ronja's older brothers, who save her from social isolation.
For Ronja, the deportation would mean that these fundamentally important relationships would be cut off without her being able to understand it. There is a great risk that the hard-won results will be lost!

All of the three young men are now all at risk of deportation and have to fear for their lives with the impending departure. Appealing and the associated legal and court costs are extremely high. In total, we have already invested over 14,000 Euros so far. The financial resources of friends and acquaintances are now pretty much exhausted.

We therefore ask for external help to prevent our helpers from being deported to a country where they have to fear for their lives.

In case the outstanding court costs are less than the amount calculated, the spare money donated will be invested in the therapy for Ronja, if you want.

We thank all of you in advance for all of your support and hope that we can enable our three friends to live in safety and at the same time ensure Ronja's therapy and her social environment.

Thank you so much. Every support is appreciated!

Best greetings and love!

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