Building 2 to 4 Classrooms for Agumi School in Eth

Building 2 to 4 Classrooms for Agumi School in Eth | Spenden sammeln
Build uo to 4 school rooms in Ethiopia, Direkt control through Lutz on site

Many friends know thatI build up a farm in Ethiopia since some years. The situation of many schools in Ethiopia is dramatic, the pictures above show the school 3km away from our farm, 50% of the classrooms where distroyed by rain and wind some weeks ago. 250 kids use this, or are supposed to use it.

Now 1 year ago my sister Alex came with the idea to collect money for a project in Africa. It took some time to find the right thing to do and to discuss with the authorities. We now have a project to build 2 classrooms for aminimum and 4 if possible. The project will be monitored by me and the team of our farm, the community will participate, parents shall help building and we want to move fast so that after the sommer holiday, the kids can use the new class rooms. Alex, me and our families would be delighted if you would decide to partcipate. THANKS

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