Transmission Festival

Transmission Festival | Spenden sammeln

Dear Transmissioners and Transmission’s friends and lovers,

once again thanks everyone who could join the festival and thanks everyone who supported us otherwise during the last 2 years. 


And it’s already time for our next party, save the date and join us: SUNDAY 21.08!

Our friend and beloved DJ's Boris & Ralf on a Boat

It’s a part of our fundraising event's to help and support us financially after the Festival, but also to allow us to plan the next events (soon to be announced!).


We are a very small organization, working on a voluntary basis. We do work hard to create something inclusive, beautiful, funny, meaningful, friendly and creative. We work to create a safe space to enjoy together with you!


The pleasure and the joy we get back from every Transmission are huge. But huge are also the expenses, as you can imagine. We have no financial resources and the money comes exclusively from the tickets and drinks sold, which is not enough to cover all the costs.


So, if at Transmission you had fun, you felt safe, you felt free, you enjoyed the music and the people, please support us.

If you believe in our project and if you share our values, come and support us

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