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Hi, my name is Pauline and I am part of a system. We have DID and complex PTSD because of intense repeated trauma in our childhood. We are 16 and have flashbacks, dissociate, have amnesia, self harm and are still suffering from an eating disorder. This means we cannot go to school full time, cannot do things that most kids in our age do and always end up having to go back to the emergency department for self harm.

We have been looking everywhere in Germany for a clinik that will take us and that our insurance will pay, however they all are either not specialised enough to take me and would need to prepare or will not take me because of the self harming, which we cannot control because it is caused by a different alter. All of these clinics also have a long waiting time, over a year. We cannot hold on for that long as it is very dangerous, as we could dissociate at any point and so be unconscious for a while, upping the risk of dangerous life threatening accidents. 

This is why we have looked into private clinics that have a short waiting time and will take us. Our insurance will pay for a bit of the costs, however they can drop out at any moment. This is why I am asking for your help, I need to go to a clinic as soon as possible, and my mother is not able to pay everything on her own at this point in time. If you could donate I would be so thankful.

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