Paying rent in social darwinist Germany

Paying rent in social darwinist Germany | Spenden sammeln

Here in Germany, there is only homelessness or living in luxury, because without housing you are not entitled to social benefits. Who becomes homeless here, has sometimes only by Christians the luck again in an own dwelling to live to be allowed. But legally it is ok in reality that people die here if they could not pay their rent and end up on the street. Because mothers and fathers of Germans almost always say that they don't care about their children if the law doesn't force the parents. This corresponds very well to the small talk on the streets of the Federal Republic of Germany. One really hears many people in Germany constantly saying that one would prefer to see people who need social welfare dead.

But in addition, unfortunately, I can no longer get a job as a trained biology lab technician. I was told quite clearly on countless applications that you can no longer get a job in Germany if you describe your CV honestly.

In today's Federal Republic of Germany, you are unfortunately only allowed to work as a liar if you are cold-blooded enough to lie to yourself.

In this country we absolutely need to donate, so that our fellow men don't wish us dead or the authorities don't put obstacles in our way with bureaucracy willy-nilly, so that you can't rise further socially.

But we stay here in Germany, because of family background. In addition, we would have no start-up capital for a new beginning in another country, because our social attitude has caused many negative notes at the banks, so that one strongly restricts our available credit and forbids credits anyway.

Thank you very much for your merciful support in our spreading of freedom, truth and justice and love of humanity.

The colors of Germany stand for shedding blood in the darkness until you reach the golden light. But ridiculously, they put the gold at the bottom of the flag and the darkness at the top, which clearly means that Germany loves darkness and despair.

Why 1060 Euro?

530 EUro rent payment
91 Euro electricity payment
20 Euro internet payment
25 Euro insurances to be able to defend oneself with lawyers against fellow men
The rest to be able to eat something once a day

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