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Found my dreamcar after 3 years of looking even though I knew I wouldn't be able to buy it

Big HELLO to everyone who reads this!

My name is Michel Reusch, I am 26 years old by now and surely not quite the most normal guy you'll ever encounter.

I'm a big dreamer, ever since I was a kid I never could afford anything because my parents were poor, but still I was a very happy kid and I quickly learned that it's not important what you have but..

who you are.

My mom had her spine broken when I was 4,  my dad's been harassed at work and lost his job, at the age of 7 we moved from germany to luxembourg and a few years later my dad's bar would have to close because of various changes in the law and streetworks.

So there we were, an old man with 3 kids, a paralyzed mother and loads of debts in a foreign country with a crazy landlord.

Luckily we found a home to rent where we would spend the next 10 years.

At that time I was already conscious about many things way before most of my classmates had ever even thought about problems and worries. That was the time I started to develop my holy values to which I try to hold on to every day but life will not be easy on you for doing so. Whatever it takes, I always try to be sincere whatever it is, I never let anyone down, I help where I can and I share where I should because that's how it's supposed to be isn't it?

I always told myself that life will be better as a grown up and that there will be still a lot of time left to find out what it's like to lead a life without having to worry about how long the money will last this month.

I swore to myself that I will get my family out of this situation no matter what I have to do.

Me and my family are so close, we share everything together and help each other out wherever we can. Whoever needs money gets it from whoever has it.

Like this we started to work close together, my parents couldnt own anything anymore because of the debts and so they transfered everything they had onto us children so that nobody could take our things away.

We made our way, I went to work after highschool and suddenly my dad came up with an investment opportunity to buy a cheap house on credit on the german border. This should mark the first step into a brighter future.

We rented the house out for a return on investment of over 10% what really is amazing and it still wasn't expensive in comparison to the market prices in Luxembourg.

That's how everything began.

Step by step, breath by breath and sweat by sweat we moved forward without looking back on what life had taken from us.

One year later my dad found another house and I still dont believe it how we could achieve what I'm about to tell you.

The house was a mess, the frontwall had a large crack, inside it was wet and a lot was broken, on the first look it was a ruin.

Nobody wanted this house so the price fell and fell and nearly hit rock bottom, but what nobody noticed was that the roof, the electricity and the heating system were renewed only 12 years ago. We took our chance again and bought for nearly nothing.

My dad, my sister, my brother and me worked for two years like hell to make it our house to live in, one that we wouldnt have to rent anymore.

Today we live in this house, it has 88 squaremeters and I would never want anything else, it's our own home!

Now, 6 years after we bought the first house, we own 5 houses in the same village and can live without worries. They are old but gold!

So much about my life and everything.. if you want to know more I will be more than happy to have a chat:)

3 years ago I had the chance to buy a lexus rx400h for nearly nothing and i took the chance because we needed a car and this one was perfect for my mother because of the seats that can be electrically adjusted.

Ever since we got this car I was in love with lexus and I found a picture of a lexus that I fell in love with.

The Lexus IS F Facelift blue exterior and white interior.

The problem is that this car has only been sold about 500 times over the whole 5 years lexus sold it in the european market and exactly with this configuration I dont think there are too many left...

I just found one and I really need your help!

I dont want this chance to slip away because it's really the only thing I ever really wanted.

Please help me!

Every single euro is more than I can hope for at the moment..

I promise that everyone who supported me and wants to visit me when I have the car, will take a ride with me! 

I hope you are all doing well these days!

I wish you all the best and pray from the bottom of my chest that you all shall grant my request. Amen

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