My dream of owning a developer studio for Games

My dream of owning a developer studio for Games | Spenden sammeln

Hello, my name is Aylin and I graduated as a Games Artist earlier this year. I am currently doing my Bachelor's degree in Games, Design and Animation, which I expect to finish next year. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find an entry into the games industry, which is why I have decided to start my own company. In order to start, I need equipment, including a workstation, a suitable workplace and much more. My first video game will be an open-world horror game, so if you like paranormal and the spooky kick, you can be excited ;) The pictures are works of mine, which I am very proud of and would like to continue. Games mean everything to me and I am grateful for every single cent. That's why I'm hoping for people who will help me realize my dream. So the first step would be done and I would get a bit closer to my goal for next year. Thank you and stay healthy!

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