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Me, a gay guy, wants to travel to California

ever since i was a child i wanted to visit California, now with my friend.

Hello, my name is Matthias and i am from Austria, also - i am gay.

I live a normal life and in my free time i work as paramedic voluntarely, my hobbies are my dog and hiking. 

About a year ago i found the love of my life and my biggest dream is a trip to California. I want to ask him out to come with me to California. 

Due to my rather bad financial situation i kindly ask you if you could support my dream and visit places as San Francisco, Los Angeles and my most favorite place (i know from picures and TV documentaries), Yosemite National Park.

I also heard San Francisco is a very gay-friendly city, im looking forward if this really is true...

I just put this amount there, and i hope some people will fund this dream, the more it gets the greater the journey will be :)

Kind Regards, 





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