Let s help Nepali dogs

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Let s help Nepali dogs

It sounds like a fairytale. Italian girl on a trip around the world gets stuck on a remote Island in Cambodia due to COVID 19 since more than half a year. Together with hundreds of stray dogs roaming around. One of them touched her heart because he seems to be in worst condition. The girl and the dog ( her name is almost like the island , Koh Rong) both in a pretty desperate situation, keep eachother grounded. The dog is in a miserable condition. Covered in ticks and flees, skinny, missing fur, bruises all over his body. The dog is petrified with fear and just slowly is gaining Chiara’s trust. Nobody ever will know what happened to him. 
�Now comes the less romantic part: this fairytale will have an abrupt end. The girl has to leave Cambodia. Getting a dog from a remote Island in Cambodia to safety is impossible without help or any knowledge. 
We stumbled over her post on Facebook where she was searching for help and advice. Since we are experienced with Nepal which is a so-called non listed 3.world country as is Cambodia we know the requirements and the procedere to get a dog out of the country . We will try to help her. 
Status quo right now is: we found a boarding place in Phnom Pen. The girl has to get the dog on a boat to the mainland and to that boarding place... we will organize the required rabies Titer test from UK and Germany and get Koh Koh on a flight to Paris. 
But for this enterprise we need you. We need about 3000$ to get Koh Koh from that island to Phnom Pen and from there to Paris. 
PLEASE donate and support this poor sweet Cambodian dog and her girl.

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