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Hello Everyone
My Name is Manuel and I am 24 Year Old Guy, living in Switzerland.
Right. Switzerland and I am here asking for help. Kind of Ironic... But it's not!
For about 1 and a half year ago I got to know the Love of my Life, My Dual-Soul (for those who are spiritual) and now it's time for me to act on something I should've acted way earlier.
My Woman never had an easy live. Who did nowadays.. But her Life really was an absolutely Mess from the Moment she was in her Mothers Stomach until the current day. 
In 1991 (Platzspitz-Times for those who know) Born as a Kid of a Drug Addict Woman (even during Pregnancy), Tracy (the Name of my Woman) already was born with obstacles she didn't even knew. With 2 Years Old her Mother gave her away to another Family, where Tracy at least could grew up, go to School and have the feeling of a Family life. While she sometimes went to her Mother on the Weekends (if the Mother even showed up..) she had to take slaps and tortures. Not unusual for Drug Addict Parents with their very young Kids..
In 2001 Tracy's adoptive Family didn't wanted to have her anymore (Financial and personal/private Reasons) and gave her back to her Mother. Where she not really surprising had to face more tortures which got even worse from time to time. For another 3 Years she had to Face so many Pain and had to block an abusive try of her own Step and many things more which out of Respect I am not going to mention.
She knew about her 3 Choices left. 1. Consulting Systematical help, 2. Wait until she literally dies in there or 3. Run Away to save herself.
She did 1. and very very surprisely (espiacelly for this Country!!!) nobody was able to help her, because her Mother actually fulfilled all the Conditions. There was really no escape of this Crazy Real Life Dream.. 
And as a 13 Years Old Girl she didn't thought about suicide. THANK GOD!
She decided to walk away and save her own Life.. 
Now she was homeless, young and alone.
During those 4 Years of not having a Roof under her Head, not having Clothes & not knowing what to eat she started to live her Life. 
She Fell in Love for the First Time of her Life got betrayed (even with her Best Friend) and in that Time Period she got raped TWICE from her Oncle, which she knew from Church (All the Church People left her because she left Home).
in 2008 she met a Guy who became her Best Friend for the next 15 Years. He took her off the Streets and gave her a Place to sleep and she could finally announce herself at her living Place. (In Switzerland if you have no Place to live , you can't get a Job, because you need an Address. Without a Job you can't get a Place to Live, because you can't pay the rent for the needed Adress)
So now she could've finally start to build up! 
She started to search for a Job, met new People, fell in love again and tried to find bottom under her feet.
But it wasn't that easy as it sounds. First of all she had to fight through multiples Workplaces (even she is amazing in her Job) to even get the CHANCE for Education. It took her another 4 Years to find that Place and then another 3 Years for the Education itself. 
Until the Year 2015 she got considered with Cervical Cancer, had plenty Operations (A lot because of the longterm damages of her Childhood and the Tortures). Was being used for her loving and carrying being by many People who just soaked out her Life Essence (literally) and at the same Time the "Holy Switzerland" knocked at her door and told her she has over 50'000.- Open debts for the time she was homeless and able to Pay the Steers!! THE STEERS!! As a Homeless Kid with no Roof, no Job, no Nothing!
But she accepted it. She had not enough Knowledge and no Money to get some real help, which she really needed at that Time. So she fought that Challenge and her Life Trauma as well. 5 Years she tried to pay off these Debts, but with the systematical Rules and the yearly Steers she went in a vicious Circle and wasn't able to get out of here.
2020 - The Year we met. Until this Day other things happened to her (what a surprise) that weren't easy to handle. Things like: Stalker over 1 Year straight, Only lived to pay debts, was never in Holiday or nothing.
And when I met her I fell directly in Love with her for who she truly is. And for the Fighter she is until this Day! So we decided to Create a Plan to get her out of this Situation. With me having a full Job I am earning enough Money to Pay the Rent, my and her Bills. Trough the Fact that after everything she's been through, she now is in Bore- and Burnout. Because of this Medical Diagnosis she is not able to Work. Welcome in Switzerland, because of the Fact that she is written Sick for 100% she is not getting any Money, because you have to be able to work 20% to get some Money from the unemployment Office. The Cycle continues. 
Within this 1 Year we've been together, her younger Brother (19) is now living on the Streets too because he kind of faced similar Family Experiences and does not want to receive Any kind of help from nobody. As an older Sister, knowing her Brother is on the Streets (where she was too) and not being able to help him, is killing her from the inside. Plus the Relationship between me and her, to be honest wasn't always the best too. I never had an easy Life too so we had a lot of Arguments, ununderstandable Treatments, and many things more you face in a serious Relationship. The Love is real that's why we are still together until this Day! And for me the Time came now where have to ask for help, because 1. she Would never do it by her own (of course not look at her History) and 2nd every Man can relate that I want to do EVERYTHING possible to change her Life in a finally better Direction! 
It is Time for her to finally Live. By now she is 30 Years Old. And was never able to live a stressfree 3 Months..
So Please everyone who is out there reading this and able to help. We need you!..
Thank you so so so much for taking this time to read her Story. Only for that you are amazing!

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