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Help for Sick and Hungry Children in Iran

Help for Sick and Hungry Children in Shiraz Iran

Izady's help for children in iran
Help for sick and hungry children and people in Iran
Hello everyone,
My name is Rahim Izady, I am 50 years old, I am German/Iranian and I live in Lower Saxony, Soltau.
Ok, I really don't know how and where to start, a sad Story but 120% true. It is so 2 times a year we fly to Iran, more precisely to Shiraz it is located south of Iran with millions of inhabitants.
For some years it has been so that so many people of it many many children there have no perspective at all although, which is already common in Iran, also have nothing to eat, no debt, nothing to eat, for example meat once a year and that's just maybe they get it, these are the people where really have nothing. Such people are there where daily in the garbage and Apple Search to find something to eat, on the contrary of the people where as asylum come to Germany with most bring a lot of money (therefore they can pay the smugglers), and the German state to cheat etc...
These people where I speak of have 0€ that means they have nothing and really nothing. Such people need our help and support. Many children are sick, but they still have to look in the garbage for food every day to survive. No home have many. 
Most recently, I have been working for these people, which means I am currently at the beginning of my donation collection, believe me, when you see these people, you will also do what I do now.
So please, please if you can do it and you want to do something good, please do it, please donate something and please write me at: [email protected] my mobile number: 015157381647. we will also keep in touch if you want, so I can tell you where and how the money in Iran comes for the good with pictures.
Thank you very much
Best regards,
Rahim Izady

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