Enabling sound healing as my service to the world

Enabling sound healing as my service to the world | Spenden sammeln
Please help me to finance sound healing seminars sound bowls, so that I can spread healing

My service to the world and humanity is healing. Healing with sound is a therapy/method everyone can use and benefit from. Because my dream is to offer my service to everyone who needs it, to make this world a better place, I need to learn sound healing professionally. The seminars at the Peter Hess Institute and the materials like the sound bowls are very very expensive. I work very hard to make this happen. Because I believe we are all in this together, we can also help each other by sharing with one another. So I humbely ask everyone who believes in healing and sharing our special gifts with the world to make it a more peaceful place, to help me out with what you can. Every euro counts to make this happen. Every euro you put in here, will come back out much greater through healing for humanity. It is for the people and for healing. 
You can read more about sound healing with sound bowls in the pictures. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your financial help and for believing in this! I genuinely appreciate your help! May you be blessed. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. 

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