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Donation Call for Pomeranian Jacky

Donation Call for Jacky

Dear Sirs and Madames, my concern is about my two year old Pomeranian 🐶🐕❤ Jacky. Jacky suffered a fracture on his leg in March 2019 due to an accident. He had to be operated on with an implant that keeps his leg stable, followed by vet visits once or twice a week and medication. Since he had not reached the age where he was grown, these implants had to be taken out. The second op was on! On the day of the second op, when the implants were taken out, the second fracture on his leg followed, the bones were unstable, the doctors said that it could happen in small dogs through the thin bones! He had to be operated again this time the same implants only this, this time to stay in it because he is already fully grown. Everything went well, just a week ago it was said his leg looks good. Saturday the 31.08.2019, the dressing was changed and his leg had no blood flow, now a toe is dead and a bone is not overgrown. 😭😭 Now Jacky is to be re-operated and the next Op is pending! His toe must be amputated in any case, now look at the doctors of the animal surgery and the clinic where he was operated, if there is still a chance to save his leg, or if his leg is completely amputated. Since such animal operations are not cheap and my partner and I are currently undergoing training, money has become scarce. We borrowed money from other people in our area, which we still have to pay back. We can not accept a loan because we do not earn enough. My dog is like my child and we are suffering. Calling for donations would be the last option for us to consider, as one catastrophe follows the other and we are penniless to finance the fourth operation. We are aware that the keeping of dogs / animals costs a lot. These fatalities are tragic for the dog and for us, unfortunately we can not change it, unfortunately it does not always work well in life, we do not know if it is just bad luck, nevertheless, each animal love can imagine how bad our situation is Moment is and compassionate our desperation.

Every donation, no matter how much, we would love to receive. ❤


Alexander Scott from Spain ❤

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